About Me

My background


  • I live in San Francisco for the past 8 years and I love this town. Originally I am from Burgundy in France, I migrated to Sunnyvale California in 1994 to work in Computer Graphic with PDI/DreamWorks for few years. I hold degrees in fine arts from the Beaux Arts in Dijon, France and at Otis Parsons in Los Angeles. 
  • I studied Sculpture, painting, Theater set Design and interior Design, however my heart is now in the watercolors that I am showing to you here in this website. Enjoy!

My experience


  • I am an artist, educator and designer. I am passionate about Art. All my life i found ways to express my creativity. I taught Art to children, made murals &  theater set designs for small theater companies in the Bay area, I worked at DreamWorks in the Entertainment industry and lately I started making small clay sculptures.

My vision


  • My Art is about the heart. It is the Heart that is important. Each watercolor is a meditation which  starts with a circular shape defining an interior and an exterior. This circular shape symbolizes a seed, a heart, a cell, a planet or an egg. I let a drop of magenta watercolor pigment take a life of its own to become a flower, a landscape, a butterfly, an organ or an embryo. A respiration between the inside and the outside takes place. For me the magenta color symbolizes pure love. Sometimes like a chant, I write words in a spiral that helps the opening of the heart.
  • I like to bring beauty, elevate & open people's hearts to trigger an heavenly feeling in us to uplift us.

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Cécile Picard

1267 Page St, San Francisco, California 94117, United States

(415) 676-8045 - cecilejpicard@gmail.com



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